Wednesday, June 6, 2012


...mornin' overdose! =]
Whats the story behind them?
The bluish thing was a homework pencil drawing, watercolor paint.
Happy Birthday...I guess thats obviuos. Katu in Denmark, beneficiary in Hungary. Birthday gift delivered by a pigeon. =]
The third creation also came from Denmark 2010. Bored moments, lonely moments... block of empty canvas... anyway, I really love this one, maybe I should color it sometimes.
The tree was also a homework in the early years of uni. Even though the professor didnt appreciate it its still one of my beloved one... Ink, wooden stick.
And the last one. Oh, that has no big story. Every once in a while I make something like this, since I have tons of colored papers that Ive been collecting from different issues, brochures, papers etc. in the past 20 years. This one was a cover of a calendar. It may represent the lovely chaos in my head =]


  1. De jók ezek! Annyira jó látni a kis kreatívságaidat! A többi posztban is (megintcsak) a színeiden vagyok elámulva! Annyira érzed! :)
    És az a fa!... :D
    Pussz: Legscsücsökabbika (őrzöm még!)