Sunday, February 12, 2012


Im having success in my work, meanwhile im back in school - developing my skills in Rhino and get to know InDesign. I do enjoy them, specially the ID. And I know its only the beginning...but I love this little homework I made =]

I cant remember all the things I was working with in the past two month, I was busy though. Im quite sure I was making a coloring book with a program I never used before - adobe illustrator. Than I made some internal design with sketchup and rendered it in Artlantis which was also new for me. I may upload some image of them later. You know...every time I look back I could say, that I would do this or that different or some way else. So maybe I can say, that I might develope =]

Anyway, there was this painting canvas sale, so I took some from the store. And I gave them a chance this weekend.

Days going so fast I can not keep step with them. Im pretty sure that I had some creative work in the late 2011' be honest... I dont remember what were they! Probably some Christmas presents and/or job stuff. Few pics of the Christmas "products".

An advent spice-case for my bro.

Company ginger-bread for the customers.

Tour T for my dad.

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